Sienna Miller Adoring Keira Knightley

You may idolize Sienna Miller for her beauty, films, sexiness...but do you know who your idol's idol is?

Well, it might not be about Sienna loving her idol's way of dressing or acting or beauty, but it is about the idol's personality (if I may say).

She is the British actress Keira Knightley. Sienna just adores her for what Keira has been doing to life and not becoming paparazzi's fresh food to consume.

Surely, Sienna! You must see Keira with her right path! You must read books of how to be a respected woman. Learn to make no scandals, and just stay away from married-man. Once with Balthazar Getty is enough!

Ups, forgive my words..., but I mean it.

Look these photos I have. I am sure Sienna Miller can be sexier than she is in the pictures, if she can just stay away from romance-scandals.

Source: actressarchives