Sienna Miller's Burned Breasts

Sienna confessed that during filming "G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra", she nearly lost her boobs.

Did she really do it herself?

Or, you are now wondering to slip on that rubber bullet and then tell all your buddies "Hey, I did it! I burned Sienna's breasts!"

I might be jealous if you really did that. But the one should have been kicked in the ass is the director Stephen Sommers.

These are his very words to fox news:
"We burned Sienna's breasts, she didn't burn them, we did it. We've all seen them since then and they look fine."

Do you see him smirking at the paparazzi while saying that?

The worst thing might be the "We've seen them" part. What a damn!
Was it Sienna who came over and said "Hi guys, these are my burned boobs. Wanna see 'em?"