Sienna Miller Love Paparazzi?

Sienna Miller loves to be noticed by the paparazzi. She reveals that it is no good to have bodyguards or assistants around her when she is free because she wants to be able to live a normal life (and the paparazzi like to capture the celebs who live in a normal life).

She says, "When I'm not working, I want to be myself. I don't have assistants, bodyguards or even a driver because I try to pretend in my own head that this isn't happening. I think a lot of actresses live in this cotton wool world but I'm very free spirited and I want to be able to live the life I do."

The Alfie star also insists she doesn't strive to be in the limelight and would prefer to be famous for her work.

The actress admits, "I was well known before I had a film out but I don't court attention. I don't go to other people's premieres. I haven't been out to a club in London for years. I've never missed a day's work in my life and I take my job very seriously."
Source: Female First