Sienna's Private Parts Digitally Enhanced

Sienna's new movie Hippie Hippie Shake in post-production process. This movie is an account of counterculturalist Richard Neville's misadventures in London at the end of the 1960s.

Nobody doubts that Sienna is an absolute star throughout filming and her performance is flawless.

But there is a slight problem being that she's very much a girl of the Noughties - and this extends to her personal upkeep. Yep, Sienna had to play one or two nude scenes. Unfortunately, Brazilians weren't common in the 60s.

So, how to deal with that?

This is computer that can wizardry came to the rescue. Sienna's private parts were digitally enhanced, giving her a rather unruly, loud and proud bush.

Well, Sienna is not the first star to have problems down below...