Sienna Miller's Burnt Breasts

Sienna Miller revealed the accident happened when she was filming a stunt for action blockbuster GI Joe.

From News24: "I had every intention of working out but it just didn't happen - I've never been to the gym. I got burnt boobs, I ran the wrong way under an explosion. It was my own fault, I'm clumsy, there's a little scar."

Sienna added: "The damage is done, everything's been seen! It's a little bit awkward at the time. There's the odd perve in the corner."

Hu-uh, the more Sienna describes where the scar is, the more people want to know where it is exactly. So please, guys, don't you only dare to imagine it. Go and watch the film by yourself. Rewind it many times until you know by the heart on which part the scar is.
Source: news24